The time for villainy has begun! It is an illustrious lifestyle for the less than noble few that do as they wish and take what they want. Life is perfect for the scoundrels of Raener, that is, until the law intervenes. Your common crook tends to be fined or locked up temporarily, but those with more severe crimes have a less fortunate outcome. The condemned are shipped to the north and placed in Nemon Keepe, Raener’s maximum security prison. Built in the Nemon Mountains, this penitentiary is secluded in a cold desolate area far from the society that hurt and swindled. Since it so far north and isolated from the rest of the kingdom, it is almost out of reach of civil law. Within its walls exist a different set of laws and regulations only fit for the scum of Raener. The warden is king here and his ruling is strict and borderline cruel.

Our story begins with our contemptible crew locked away in this stronghold sharing one cell. Each of them have a reason for why they are here, but they all have the same dream of freedom. Alongside our players is an oddly charming fellow by the name of Fulke Locken, a former adviser in the king’s court. The group arrived at different times over the past few months, but Locken had already been confined a couple months before any of them. For having been here this long, he has shown very little worry or fear, instead he has a very upbeat attitude for his situation. On one eventful day, his collected nature becomes apparent, for he has devised a scheme to set himself and all the other prisoners free. Now you must overcome the obstacles that this prison can throw at you and regain your freedom and status as villain.

This campaign is set up in my ongoing project fantasy realm known as Gransfere. The location of the prison and most of the events take place on the continent of Raener. I have created many maps, characters and other bits that basically only I know. Just to make it an easy transition, pretty much any of the 4e races will work. I may have to change details about them to match the flavor of the world, but just ask me and I give you details about that race. Example, drow are okay to play because they are merely dark elves in my world, just a different type of elves that worshiped a different god. I could even change racial powers much like Adam did for the Dragonborn template if the need arises. I will do my best to post facts and details about a large portion of my world in the wiki, but ask me if there’s anything you need to know and I’ll confuse you with ramblings.

Dark Times for Raener

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