Ermine Sigbjorn

Highest ranking Vice Warden that expects the highest respect for his status.


Sigbjorn has been apart of Nemon Keepe for many years. He started out as a common guard and quickly rose to the ranks Vice Warden. He almost earned the position of warden, however before they could officially promote him, the kingdom gave the job to Phellon. Though, he is greatly annoyed by this fact, he continues to fulfill his duties as vice warden with nothin short of excellence. Sigbjorn will talk down to any of his jailers, the other Vice Wardens, and even the Warden. He and the warden tends to have many disputes due to his deep rooted disdain for the man and high sense of authority. He knows someday he will gain the position he so rightfully deserves, but until then he must work alongside the others.

In his early days at Nemon Keepe, he was a mere guard with basic training, both physical and magical. He had great technique and skill, which the higher ups noticed. As he climbed the ranks, Sigbjorn gained access to better training and honed his skills of the arcane with his martial powers. Having become an important figure in the system from a low status, he demands the respect of anyone lucky enough to grace his presence.

Ermine Sigbjorn

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